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The following workshops are designed to provide new approaches and ideas for working with children, parents, and other staff members.  Most of these workshops are intended to be two hours in length, but can be adjusted according to your needs.
Six Hours of Power; The Keys to Effective Leadership (This is often taught as a mini retreat)It is often said that one can tell the health of any company by simply looking at the leadership. This six hour day invites participants the opportunity to get curious about their vision and vulnerability as a leader and how this impacts the workplace. You will leave encouraged and inspired to effectively lead in every situation.
Look Who’s Talking! But Who’s Listening? Communication Solutions for Early Childhood Teachers (and Administrators)Communication is key to an effective program. In this hand on workshop, we will examine the components of effective communication and will apply them to in the areas of staff to staff, staff to parent, and staff to child situations.
Social Media Solutions for the Early Childhood Teacher (and Administrator)Social Media has changed the way we communicate with others. This form of communication can be an effective tool if properly used. Join me as we discuss the benefits and pitfalls of social media in the workplace.
If Toddlers Had a Top Ten List, What Would They Tell Their Teachers?Wouldn’t it be great to get into the mind of a toddler? Join me for this hands-on session and count down to a better understanding of the toddlers in your life.
If Preschoolers Had a Top Ten List, What Would They Tell Their Teachers?Preschoolers everywhere are crying out to be heard by their teachers. Join me to hear the top ten things they want you to know. As we count down, participants will consider how to best meet the developmental needs of preschoolers through the environment and activities.
Diffusing the BombWhen I say “behavior problem” does a picture of a child appear? If so, join me as we approach guidance through discussion and activities. We will examine the motivations and behaviors of children, as well as, consider the effectiveness of various guidance techniques.
Working with Children from Hard PlacesMany children have hard beginnings. Join me as we strategize ways of meeting the needs of these fragile children. Whether it is foster care, divorce, adoption, death… trauma makes life more challenging. This workshop will address those tough situations and help participants intentionally address these matters in a developmentally appropriate way.
Everyone is Different… A Different Kind of Anti-Bias/ Multicultural WorkshopDo you feel as if you have bought the different color baby dolls and encouraged the girls to wear the fire ”person” uniform, but still don’t necessarily have an anti-bias/multicultural classroom? If so, join me as we examine cultural diversity beyond race. We will consider the biases we bring to our classroom and how to overcome these, benefiting the children and the adults.
From Feathers to Fly GutsAre you tired of offering the same activities in your classroom? If so, join me and be prepared to get messy! Participants will experience hands-on activities such as tongue painting and fly guts, designed to encourage children to explore, discover, and have a sense of wonder.
 Math that Adds Up for PreschoolersDo you need some fresh ideas for the math center in your program? Are you curious to find out some new ways to teach numbers, colors, and simple math facts? Join me for this hands on workshop that will add up to a great time!
What’s in a Room?Creating an inviting and engaging classroom sets the stage for learning. Join me to discover unique ways to look at classroom arrangement. You will walk way inspired to see your room in a whole new light.
Outside, Inside OutWhen was the last time you made an outside plan from the inside out? Confused? Join me to get the explanation and find out ways to change your outdoor environment so every child has the opportunity to explore and discover according to their needs.
Stop, Look, and Learn!  Observation is not ObsoleteWhen was the last time you stopped and really looked at what the children in your classroom were doing? In this workshop you will experience the joy of watching children play. Through hands-on experience discover the secret to a truly child-centered classroom and practice techniques that allow the children to be the center of your teaching world.
Beyond ObservationObserving the children is the first step offering a child centered classroom. In this session we will discuss how to effectively document those observations and transfer them into learning opportunities for children and parents.
Taking the Time to TransitionDo children in your room struggle with transitioning from home to school, activity to activity, or individual time to group time? Join me for an engaging workshop that will help you effectively gather and transition the children in your room. Intentional transitions are key in offering a child centered program.
Tearing Down the Wall – Working with Parents as PartnersHave you ever said how much you love working with the children, but not necessarily the adults in their lives? If so, join me as we take a look at our attitudes toward the parents of the children in our classroom. We will also work to better understand the perspective of and build better relationships with those parents.
When do Kids Learn to Walk, Talk and Write Their NamesDo you need a class on the quick and dirty of child development? Through fun activities, stages of development and an overview of early childhood growth will be explored. This is a great chance to get a glimpse of where children are coming from and where they are going.
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