Are YOU Living?
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Are YOU Living?

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call that would shake me to my core. Kelley Ann Bostic, one of my dearest childhood friends was found dead in her home. WHAT? How could that be? We were trying to get together. We needed to get together. We were supposed to have a reunion here in Atlanta with our friend, Donna. Surely, this wasn’t true. Tragically, it was true and that reunion will never take place. Kelley Bostic was a vibrant woman, with a big heart. Everyone describes her the same way; full of love, life and laughter. Sadly, her life came to an end all too soon and served as one more reminder to me that life is short, so very short!

I don’t know about you, but often I make comments such as; life is short or time is precious, but it doesn’t impact my daily decisions. Lately, I have been trying to change that. I have been trying to make the conscious effort to intentionally live. As I travel and speak to women (and men) all over the country, I hear stories of lives being put on hold and dreams not being chased due to a variety of reasons. My question to you is WHY? Why are we putting our lives on hold? Why do we give up on your dreams? As I have analyzed this subject for some time now, I have come up with five reasons I think we fail to intentionally live:

  1. We make small concessions with our life that slowly eats away at who we are.
  2. We believe (often because we are told by others) that our dreams are unattainable and frivolous.
  3. We make excuses for why the timing is not right.
  4. We fail to say yes to opportunities when they arise.
  5. We believe we always have tomorrow.

I have chosen to face these reasons head on and GO FOR IT ALL. FULL BLOWN INTENTIONAL LIVING! Won’t you join me? Consider the following:

  1. Stay true to YOURSELF. Invest in YOU. Spend time doing things that YOU were meant to do. God designed YOU, your likes, your personality, your preferences. The people, who love you, love YOU.
  2. Don’t stop chasing your dreams. One day, you might just catch them. I believe that God gives us dreams because they provide hope. Hope is a beautiful thing!
  3. The timing can be right! Think of ways to make it happen instead of reasons it can’t happen. I am known as a glass almost full girl. I always believe things can and will work out. I kinda like that about me.
  4. Simply, say yes. God is full of surprises. When we dare to say yes, we are opening ourselves to what just might be the best surprise of our life. We will never know what something could have been if we say no. SAY YES!
  5. NOT ONE of us is promised tomorrow. Do not put off ANYTHING that can be done today. We have to live TODAY!

Ways I have been intentionally living this past year…

  • Booked a trip to hike Machu Picchu. Wanted to see those ruins since I taught JM about them in the first grade and decided not to put it off any more!
  • Took a trip to Seattle, alone.
  • Said yes to meeting a friend for coffee, when I wanted to say no. So glad I did.
  • Started playing tennis again, even though I suck at it.
  • Moved to a tiny house on the lake.
  • Rode a scooter through Montreal.
  • Dancing… a lot of dancing.
  • Willing to say I am sorry a lot sooner and more often.
  • Offering grace (to myself and others). Even had the words, Fearless Grace tattooed on my arm.
  • Journaling the good times and the bad. Looking back at journal entries is incredibly therapeutic.
  • Bought a kayak.
  • Taking the time to stop and be present in the moment.
  • Went hiking, alone.
  • Went Mountain Biking (fell and bruised up my body, it was awesome).
  • Choosing to say I love you, I miss you, and other mushy stuff more often.
  • Bought heels, very high heels.
  • Tried podcasting.
  • Said yes to my daughter getting her nose pierced  for her 16th birthday.

How will you choose to live intentionally today? Tag me in your posts/pics by using the hashtag #intentionalliving.