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My IMPERFECT Homeschooling Journey
Motherhood, Life Lessons, Homegrown Preschooler

My IMPERFECT Homeschooling Journey Thoughts from the road...Texas Homeschool Coalition Association - Arlington

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday arrived and I was back in the beautiful state of TX, speaking at one of my favorite conferences (THSC) of the season. This year I had been asked to share my homeschooling journey (from a mom who has been there) with potential homeschooling parents. Since I was slated as the second speaker of the day, I decided it would be wise to listen to the speaker before me. I sat in the back and enjoyed hearing Frederic Gray share about his family’s beautiful life of homeschooling.

To the Mom (and Dad) Parenting Out of FEAR…
Early Childhood, Motherhood, Life Lessons

To the Mom (and Dad) Parenting Out of FEAR… Thoughts from the road - Indiana Home Educators Association

Monday, May 2, 2016

A few days after I returned from Hearts at Home, it was time to pack up four of my children (and all their stuff) and head out to the Indiana Home Educators Association (IAHE) conference in Indianapolis, IN. I had the privilege of speaking four times at IAHE this year. I spoke about language arts, motherhood, lifelong learning and our curriculum, A Year of Playing Skillfully. It is not unusual to have moms and dads come up and speak to me after my talks, but one particular group of parents...

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