5 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day Memorable
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5 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day Memorable and it has NOTHING to do with romance

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a hopeless romantic. Anne of Green Gables, The Notebook, and Pride & Prejudice are some of favorite movies. As Valentine’s Day approaches every year, I get so excited. You might think it is the anticipation of romance, but actually my love for this holiday has NOTHING to do with romantic love.

As a mom, I so enjoy creating memory making moments for my children. Valentine’s day has to be one of my favorite memory making holidays. As the store shelves fill up with candy, cards, and decorations, I become giddy with joy. As this Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I would share the top five ways I make this holiday memorable for my blessings:

  1. The Decorations – Every year I try and find new decorations to create a beautiful table. I get up early on Valentine’s Day morning and decorate the table with confetti, lace, special plates and cups, etc…. I love to see their faces as they come downstairs to the finished product.

    The Candy – Next, I try and choose the perfect box of candy for each child. Sports, music, dancing, and horse themed candy boxes are some I have found over the years. I try and match each box of candy to my child’s personality and passions. The girls often get flowers from their dad to accompany their special boxes of candy.

  2. The Breakfast – I love to make a yummy breakfast for my children on this special day. Pancakes, Cinnamon Rolls, French Toast, with Bacon and Eggs are usually on the menu. If you are not a cook, don’t stress… buy their favorite breakfast item for this memorable meal.

  3. A Hand Written Love Note –  In our world of technology, hand written notes are quickly becoming extinct. On this day, I make sure to hand write each child a love note. I write down every mushy thing I can think to say. I write down what I love about them, how much I love them, and how thankful I am that I am their mother.

    Another fun idea is to grab some heart shaped sticky notes and write love notes to your kids all over the house. I have even been known to take a good tube of lipstick and write love notes to my kids on their mirrors.

    The words we say to our children become their inner voice. I hope some of these words will resonate with them forever (instead of the stupid things I have said at other times).

  4. Spend Special Time Together- On Valentine’s Day, I am intentional about spending quality time with each child. Playing games, telling stories, and even watching a mushy movie together has found its way on the agenda over the years.

Everyone deserves to feel loved on Valentine’s Day! I hope you will take the time to make it memorable for even the youngest loves in your life! I would love to hear about your Valentine’s Day traditions. Use the hashtag #makeitcountvday when you post your pics!