Southeast Homeschool Convention – Thoughts from the Road
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Southeast Homeschool Convention – Thoughts from the Road It is never too late to fall in love with learning...

I get the pleasure of talking to some amazing people and having some beautiful conversations as I travel and share my passion for the wonder of childhood. This year, I thought it would be fun to take you along and give you a behind the scenes look at some of the highlights of my trips.

The first convention of the year was the Southeast Homeschool Convention in the beautiful city of Greenville, SC. As I drove our THGP trailer into the parking lot, familiar faces emerged. It is always great to see other speakers and vendors return for another conference season. This is the third year that Lesli and I have been speaking at the Southeast GHC. One of my favorite things about going back to a conference again and again, is seeing families grow throughout the years. I am still amazed at how much a child can change in one short year. This year, I enjoyed seeing precious couples sport their Homegrown Preschooler t-shirts, toddlers blooming into preschoolers, and moms carrying their baby outside the womb.

We love seeing SD Smith, the author of The Green Ember!

This amazing couple rocked their THGP tshirts!

Every conference there is at least one conversation that sticks out in my mind. At the Southeast GHC, it was the conversation I had immediately after my talk on creating life long learners. As I was packing up my materials, I looked up and saw a beautiful mom with tears in her eyes (it is not uncommon for me to make people cry). This broken hearted mom shared that is was during my talk she realized that she had lost her own love of learning before she even had it. She went on to share her desire to make sure her children loved learning and saw the world through the eyes of wonder. Her statement sent chills through my entire body.

Have you lost the love of learning? Do you worry that your children will also hate to learn? Do you want to make sure your children see the world through the eyes of wonder? If so, I would like to encourage you to ponder the following:

  1. Dare to learn – What is something that has always sparked an interest in you, but you have never taken the time to learn about? Maybe you have always wanted to have your own garden, learn how to crochet, paint, speak Spanish, or write a book. Create time to learn more about the things you are passionate about. Don’t forget that learning is emotional. If you find yourself stirred about a certain subject or hobby, chances are you will enjoy learning more. This new excitement for learning will spur you on as you teach your children, too.
  2. Stop and Watch– By watching the types of things your little one naturally gravitates towards, you will be helping them become who they were meant to be. For example, a child who is obsessed with building roads, front loaders and tractors, might be destined to work with big machinery. Helping him or her learn more by reading books, visiting the fire station, touch a truck days, etc… could further their wonder about the subject. If you child is always asking you what bird just flew by or wants to investigate all of the nests in your yard, take the time to encourage them to learn more (you just might enjoy it, too).
  3. Ask what if ? – What if you could do anything, what if you could be anyone? What would you say? Do you ever look at life and wish it were different. What if you had the chance to make it different for you? For your children? What would it take? I would encourage you to create a dream board with your family. Let each person contribute and then make a plan together to work towards your dreams. This is a great way to keep the wonder and love of learning alive!

    We made new dream posters during spring break this year!

It is never to late to fall in love with learning!

Next up… Texas Homeschool Convention.